Welcome to the new Bushmasters website

Welcome to the new Bushmasters website! The team here are very happy to be able to present a website which we believe brilliantly captures the spirit and ethos of Bushmasters.

Our website comprehensively covers all of our trips across the globe, and provides detailed information on a number of aspects, from frequently asked questions to safety features involved. We wish to thoroughly aid you through your trip, from booking to the plane journey home, and believe that our website can transfer a wealth of knowledge so that truly anybody can be a part of the next Bushmasters adventure.

Our Bushmasters experiences include Jungle Survival, Desert Venture, Island Venture, 4×4 Venture, Jungle Combat, Expeditions, and TV & Film. The adventures currently largely take place in Guyana, Belize, and Jordan; three beautiful countries which offer the perfect setting for our extensive range of survival and venture trips.

For real life examples of our adventures just take a look at our ‘Survival Stories’ page. We will be posting reviews and stories from past adventurers to give you as close an insight as possible into the unbelievable experiences we have to offer.

Keep an eye on our blog page for a regularly updated resource for exclusive Bushmasters news and travel advice, ideal for any keen adventurer waiting to take their trip with us. From the jungle giants in Guyana to the sprawling deserts of Jordan, our blog posts will cover a vast array of topics pertaining to the Bushmasters experience.

If you’d like to get in touch with the team here at Bushmasters to find out further information about our once-in-a-lifetime adventure holidays, we can be reached by emailing amazon@bushmasters.co.uk or by completing our online contact form.

Keep up to date with our social media platforms for exclusive images and up-to-date content from our adventures across the globe.

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