TV & Film

Bushmasters has years of experience working as a TV/Film fixer on a range of productions for the BBC, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, History Channel and more. If you need expert advice and support whilst filming in the extreme environments of the World, Bushmasters is the team for you.

We are registered both with National Geographic and BBC as a certified Fixer.

Bushmasters operates primarily in the jungle environment and have done so day in, day out for over 15 years. There is no other single company with more experience in this environment. Our chief guide is a former British Army Special Forces officer trained in a range of skills from survival instructor to scuba to skydiving to mountaineering to wilderness first aid. Additionally we operate in a desert island and desert environment, again offering the same level of skills and expertise.

We can arrange the film permits, duty exemptions and all the logistical support you need with our wide range of local contacts and in depth country knowledge. We can give you in depth Risk Assessments and recommend top range security and medical professionals to support your production. All our contacts in these fields come from former members of the UK/US Special Forces so not only bring the core skill of their trade to bear, but years of experience operating in tough and remote environments, making critical decisions and doing so with total calm and professionalism. There are no better, worldwide.

Most critically we bring detailed planning, extreme hard work and a total ‘can do attitude’. This is critical to any TV production which often entails extremely long hours, tight filming windows, production deadlines and fastball changes to content which in the most remote places on the planet can prove extremely difficult to achieve. If you need a diamond tipped drill bit for your crew to set a cameraman hanging next to a waterfall, 400 feet down and you’re in South America, in the middle of the jungle – how do you get that within 4 hours? Thats why are team is there!

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Some of the shows we have worked on:

Unbreakable: UK Channel 5

Guyana:  Travel Channel

Serious Explorers: BBC

Alone in the Wild:  Discovery

Gold Rush: Discovery

Lost Worlds: Discovery

Naked and Afraid: Discovery

Unchartered Commercial: PS4

As yet unnamed: Dutch RTL4

Lifeswap: BBC

Parkers Trail: Discovery

Gordon Ramsay: National Geographic