Trail Ride

The setting for this adventure is the plains of Amazonia which are sat upon some of the oldest geological formations in the World. This is where Sir Walter Raleigh searched for El Dorado, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle dreamt up stories of “The Lost World”.  It is a much forgotten corner of the World, full of myth and legend.

This Savannah Trails Adventure will take you to the Rupununi savannahs of Guyana, South America, to enter a world of old school ranches, Amerindian villages, endless savannahs and jungle clad mountains.

Across the expanse of the savannah plains in Guyana there are a number of cattle ranches, dating back hundreds of years. Dadanawa Ranch was one of the largest cattle ranch in the world at over 3.3 million acres. Stories and legends of ranch life go back generations, including tales of when Frank James (Jesse James’ brother) rode in the savannahs of Guyana. Today these ranches work in very much the same manner as they did hundreds of years ago.

On this point to point adventure you’ll be riding for several hours a day through open savannahs and dense bush. Each day we’ll meet a new village or ranch where we’ll spend the day, ranging from the odd occasion in local hammocks under the most amazing stars you’ve ever seen to small community lodges with the noise of tree frogs, macaws and howler monkeys for comfort!

We start the adventure at Saddle Mountain ranch, three hours south of the border town of Lethem where you’ll meet your horse, receive advice and tips on riding the local way (with a couple of local vaqueros and a Bushmasters guide) before we head off into the savannah!

This is real out on the trail horseback riding, carrying all the gear you need with you and camping out throughout. It is a stunning setting and an even more stunning way to get and see it close up.

This is a bespoke trip we run only in the dry season. We need at least 3 persons to run it. But if you are a solo traveller and keen to come along please contact us and we can give you some options or link you up with others keen to ride the savannah!