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How to Thrive on Our Survival Courses

How can you be sure that your jungle survival course or desert venture won’t leave you begging for a return flight? While there’s no knowing exactly how you’ll fare in a completely alien environment, the people who get the most out of our courses share some common skills: a willingness to take ownership, the ability to listen, and a basic level of fitness.

Here, we will provide an overview of those core skills. In so doing, you should be able to go some way in assessing whether or not the Bushmasters experience is for you.


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People who want to stay on the periphery and let others carry them along tend to get less out of our trips, regardless of the trip’s nature. You will find can be exceptionally difficult to get by on all of our courses if you’re not willing to get fully involved. Our jungle survival course, for example, requires you to spend some time in complete isolation; you have to be willing to work independently and won’t be able to rely on other attendees. You have to take ownership and be prepared to get yourself through.

Granted, not all of our trips require you to survive on your own in the middle of the jungle. We can guarantee, however, that you will get the most out of all our trips by completely committing to them. Get involved, and confront every challenge head on. It’s much safer if you’re not hesitant, and you’ll get far more enjoyment out of any given activity.

Ability to listen

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Listen. This may appear an odd inclusion, but it is absolutely crucial that you listen (and genuinely listen) to your instructors at all times. Pay attention when they’re talking to you, as they know best. Very few people on the planet understand our environments better than they do, so listen up and take as much on board as you possibly can.

We want everyone on our survival courses, treks, and ventures to enjoy themselves, but we also want them to remain safe. This isn’t school, and we won’t treat you like children – it’s just important that you appreciate how important it is to get the basics right. Your best chance of doing so with us is to respect both the environment you’re in and your instructors. If you’re not prepared to listen and learn, perhaps a Bushmasters experience isn’t for you.

Basic fitness

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You don’t need to have a resting heart rate of 50 bpm to get by on our courses. You do, however, need to be relatively fit. If you’re not in good condition, you’ll struggle with certain aspects of almost all of our trips. Trekking, climbing, and building are all common requirements on our courses, so if you think you might struggle with anything too physical we do recommend that you get yourself into shape.

For a more in-depth look at the fitness levels required for our survival courses, head over to our jungle survival fitness guide. Any further questions can, as with the rest, be put to us over email.