The Kayak Expedition

The Kayak Expedition from 7-20 October 2018 is a one off trip, open to anyone, but with a maximum of 10 persons.

All of our expeditions like this are unique, they are not repeated.

The aim of the Kayak Exped for 2018 is to paddle the Kwitaro River in inflatable kayaks and end up in the Rupununi River and the traditional Amerindian community of Rewa.  This is the area where the likes of River Monsters is filmed, and you too will get the chance to fish for these, whether it is shooting Pacu with traditional bow and arrow in the falls, or catching vampire fish on longline. We are paddling and camping in remote jungle throughout.

This is a brilliant jungle river paddling trip. The kayaks we use are heavy duty boats, specially designed for this sort of hard work and they make silently paddling along these amazing jungle rivers easy. And it you want to see Black caiman, Anaconda, Jaguar, Tapir, Capybara and many of the other jungle creatures, silence and stealth is what you need.

Please download the trip itinerary to see the expedition plan.

Each night we make camp in the jungle, you sleep in hammocks and you do all the camp work such as making fires and cooking your own military style rations.

We will have a safety boat following behind us and at night we can use that to go spotting with powerful torches, looking for snakes, caiman and maybe even hunting some bush meat with local bow and arrow. In the day we’ll also be doing a lot of fishing. Everything from two-foot long black piranha to the Banana catfish, last one we caught was four foot and weighed over 100lbs! Great eating.

This is a never done before, one off expedition. An awesome adventure along an amazing jungle river. You will be fully immersed in the jungle with no one around you save the people on the trip and the jungle creatures.