The Kayak Expedition

The aim of the Kayak Expedition for 2019 was to paddle the Rupununi River from Sand Creek village to Yupukari village, passing through the jungle-clad Kanuku Mountains (“Mountains of Life” in the local Makushi Amerindian language).

This is a brilliant jungle river paddling trip. The kayaks we use are heavy duty boats, specially designed for this sort of hard work and they make silently paddling along these amazing jungle rivers easy.

An image of a tapir eating

If you want to see black caiman, anaconda, jaguar, tapir, capybara, and many of the other jungle creatures, silence and stealth is what you’ll need.

Each night we make camp in the jungle, you sleep in hammocks and you do all the camp work such as making fires and cooking your own military-style rations.

an image of four men sat, trying to light a campfire on our jungle survival trip

This is an expedition we first tried a few years ago and were beaten back by the weather, a crazy dry season led to us being unable to get into the river. 2019 offered us the chance to put that defeat behind us, and that’s exactly what we did with an awesome adventure along a fascinating river. You will be fully immersed in the jungle with no-one around you save the people on the trip and the jungle creatures.

If you want a detailed itinerary and information about any upcoming expeditions, please do drop us an email.