A hammock assembled under the canopy during a jungle survival course in Guyana

The Skills You Learn on a Jungle Survival Course

We’ve spoken before about the essential skills required to survive in the jungle. While there we focused mainly on the pre-existing skills that you would need to get through your experience, we’re concentrating in this post on the skills that you will learn from your jungle survival trip.

It’s not just about using your own skills out here in the depths of the Guyanese jungle; there are plenty of situations from which you can learn. In this blog post, we’ll run you through some of them, but we’ve left out any “technical” or knowledge-based ones. Those are a given.



It takes bravery to sign up and join us out here, but it takes a lot more of it to succeed out here. There are plenty of opportunities to turn back before you enter the isolation phase, and you’ll need a great deal of bravery during that time.

You will find out a lot about yourself during your time with us.



There’s no-one out here to hold your hand. If you’re not already comfortable on your own, in your own head, then you soon will be. If not, you simply won’t last.

For people used to relying heavily on others, who are eager to develop their independence and self-reliance, a Bushmasters venture is absolutely perfect. Rather than being “coached”, you’ll be thrown in at the deep end and left to fend for yourself. Swim, and you’ll leave the jungle a more self-reliant person than you were when you flew out here.


Clarity of thought

We have advised previously that you’ll need to be in good shape mentally before you come out here, and that’s true. That does not mean, however, that you cannot further enhance your mental sharpness while you’re busy surviving. Provided you make it through your jungle survival course, you will have required clarity of thought and level-headedness on numerous occasions.

Once unlocked, you should find it easier to tap into the same kind of critical thinking in the future. Whether that becomes necessary in a difficult meeting, an awkward social encounter, or a sporting encounter, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve done it all before, in much more demanding circumstances.


Develop your skills while learning to survive

Consider these skills bi-products of your jungle survival course. Granted, you won’t be thinking to yourself “I must improve my independence” as you’re fighting against some of the earth’s toughest elements, but you should find that you leave Guyana better for the experience.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get in touch with Bushmasters, but if any of the above skills are ones you’re interested in developing, then our courses could help you. Head over to our contact page to get in touch.