Cardio fitness is an essential part of preparing for a jungle survival course

How to Get Fit for Your Jungle Survival Course

You’ll probably have heard us mention this before, but it’s worth repeating. If you’re going to last on our jungle survival course, you’ve got to be fit. We always advise anyone joining us out in Guyana to train before they arrive, as a lack of physical fitness makes the experience significantly more difficult. Here, we’ve […]

Simply Perfect

“I ate South America’s most venomous snake and explored parts of the rainforest even the locals hadn’t been to. If we’d found the Swedish bikini volleyball team guarding a fridge full of cold beer, then the holiday would have been simply perfect!”

Awesome Trip

“An awesome trip; the best fun I’ve had in ages! I guarantee that on being “rescued” from isolation, you will walk out wet, dirty, smelly and hungry but with a great big smile on your face! Without hesitation, I would absolutely recommend Bushmasters.”

Savoured Every Moment

“Despite being a weeks trek away from the nearest village and uncontactable by the outside world, I never once had concerns about the expedition. Bushmasters planning and the experience of our guides ensured I was free to enjoy myself and savour every moment.”