A Guide to Rupununi

The Rupununi region is in south-west Guyana and borders the Brazilian Amazon. Through the middle of the region runs the Rupununi river, resulting in a number of different ecosystems in the same geographical area. Population The Rupununi region is home to the Wapishana, Macushi, Wai-Wai, and Patamona peoples. Settlers from Brazil, Venezuela, and a number […]

An image of three boats on a river bank

Why Survival Holidays Should be on Everyone’s Bucket List

It takes a certain type of person to want to join us out here in Guyana. Sometimes, the people who come are seasoned survivalists, while we’re also more than accustomed to welcoming inexperienced travelers. “Survival holidays” might seem like an odd phrase. We really should emphasise that Bushmasters don’t deal in holidays. Our survival trips […]

An image of the stunning scenery of the Guyanan jungle, one of the many reasons to visit Guyana

4 Reasons to Visit Guyana

Guyana is a truly wonderful place. It’s an untouched haven for both exotic wildlife and daring adventurers, but can also provide the perfect destination for a relaxing break. Stunning natural landscapes and Georgetown alone offer enough reason to visit Guyana, but there’s plenty more to this English-speaking, Caribbean-esque country than that.   Whether you’re seeking […]

Simply Perfect

“I ate South America’s most venomous snake and explored parts of the rainforest even the locals hadn’t been to. If we’d found the Swedish bikini volleyball team guarding a fridge full of cold beer, then the holiday would have been simply perfect!”