Life as a cowboy - tough and authentic

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Trail Ride

Sleep under the stars and enjoy life on the range of the Rupununi savannahs

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Ranch Adventure Holiday

To Westerners they’re known as Cowboys. In the savannah lands of Guyana they’re known as Vaqueros!

Ever fancied working on a real cattle ranch, or riding the savannah trails, just as the ranchers did hundreds of years ago? Well, thanks to Bushmasters, here’s your chance.

The ranches of the Rupununi operate much as they did hundreds of years ago, which means plenty of manpower, but plenty of fun too. Come test your Rawhide!

Ranch Venture

The landscape surrounding the ranch is amazing, huge vistas span the savannah to join up with the distant jungle clad mountains. The landscape is criss-crosses with clear water creeks, often lined with stunning Ite palms and dotted with occasional lakes. These are the source of many of the legends of El Dorado, the fabled city of Gold. Sir Walter Raleigh travelled him many times in the 16th century, looking for the Lake Parime where the city was set and this is the modern day Rupununi of Guyana.

On the ranch the work can be hard, dirty and gritty but at the end of the day there’s always these amazing creeks to bathe and mess around in! On the trail it gets no easier, long days in the saddle, whilst crossing some stunning scenery, with the occasional Amerindian village or old school cattle ranch to break the remoteness of the terrain.

Whether on the ranch or on the trail, these are old school cowboy adventures!

You do not need to be a great horse rider to take part, especially on the Vaquero trip where no experience is necessary. On the Trail ride, time spent in the saddle is a good thing. We ride western style, but any style will work.

These trips are on demand only and run purely n the dry season between Oct – Apr. Please contact us if you are interested in being a Vaquero!