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Preparing for a Tropical Expedition – Our Top Tips

Preparing for a tropical expedition is an integral aspect to global travel. Here at Bushmasters, we place great importance on the preparation section of your trip. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience an expedition under extreme circumstances, your body and mind will not be fully prepared for the trip – something which must be tackled before you step on the plane.

An example of intense travel circumstances is the weather. Our Bushmasters expeditions often occur in places of extreme climates. Guyana, the setting for our Jungle Survival course, is warm and tropical throughout the year, the high volume of annual rainfall only adding to the humidity. Our Desert Island Survival course, taking place off the Caribbean coast of Belize, sees high temperatures on average of 86℉ (30℃). It could be the case that you haven’t been exposed to temperatures as severe as the ones you could encounter when partaking in a tropical expedition with Bushmasters. Understanding and adapting to the weather is just one critical element to preparing for a tropical expedition; other components include personal health, kit equipment, and knowledge of the area.

Bushmasters have therefore offered our top tips for preparing for a tropical expedition, collected through years of experience dealing with first-time travellers.


Upon determining which tropical expedition you’d like to participate in, it is essential that you undertake thorough research into the location of the expedition. Find out where exactly you are going, the weather, the people, the flora and fauna, and the natural hazards. It is also best to prepare for a worst case scenario – determine the environmental risks and opportunities, and ensure that you are aware of the location of your country’s embassy. Survival is 90% positive mindset so educate yourself beforehand and give that positive mindset a chance to grow with knowledge.


By booking your trip well in advance of your departure date, you are giving yourself the best possible chance to make sure that your body is prepared for the expedition. You don’t need to get ‘gym fit’, but it is important that you are in shape and feel fit enough for the trip ahead. Bushmasters recommend walking with a weight over rough ground during long walks, and learn how to navigate well without the use of technology such as GPS or trackers. It is more than likely that your body will have to battle wounds, aches, strains, blisters, and rucksack burns. If you condition your body to deal with these issues, you will be able to cope better during your expedition.


Your kit is your best friend when trying to survive in the wilderness. Work out what is needed for the specific place that you’re going to, then select the pack or survival pouch accordingly. Make sure that you have ample space left after packing your essential tools, as it is possible that you will amass extra items along your trip. Keep the pack simple and robust, as you do not need 100 straps criss-crossing it to compress stuff – ex military gear tends to be simple and robust. Keep your gear to the minimum and ask yourself the question: ‘Do I need this?’ If you do not absolutely need it, leave it at home. Learn how to use your gear kit well and get toughened up to it. If you rip your hands to bits with blisters on day one using a machete, you have definitely not prepared well. In-depth research is absolutely needed before you depart to avoid taking the shiniest or cheapest thing off the store shelf.

Preparing for a tropical expedition can be a positive experience that will wholly provide you with a strong foundation for the coming trip. Bushmasters can offer helpful advice and guidance on the above aspects of preparing for a trip, so whether you are taking part in our Jungle Course, our Desert Island course, or any of our other varied expeditions, do not hesitate to complete our contact form today. Alternatively, take a look at our FAQs page to find out whether your enquiry is covered within our comprehensive available answers.