Plan Your Own with Bushmasters

Have you ever wanted to go off and do something wildly different, completely out of your comfort zone? Well, now you can plan your own!

Plan your own adventure

Bushmasters can arrange a trip just for you or a group of friends incorporating all the fun and adventure of the Amazon, Desert Islands or the deserts of Jordan. The thing is, we know that everyone’s after something a little different when they come on one of our trips. Some will love the idea of our extreme survival courses, while others might prefer the comfort of a guided tour as they marvel at wild caiman from a safe distance.

Trek through the jungle, paddle dug-out canoes, fish for piranha, drive in 4x4s across the savannahs, round up the cows on the ranch, paddle kayaks caye to caye, use spear guns to shoot your supper, ride camels and Arab horses, abseil off huge wadi mountains … we could go on. Essentially, we can plan an adventure with whatever you’re after at the centre.

Your trip can be as tough or as easy as you want it. Just give us as much detail as you possibly can, and we’ll put together a truly unique experience for you. Use the enquiry button at the foot of the page to get in touch, and don’t forget to be thorough! The more you can give us, the closer the trip can be to exactly what you’re after.

The possibilities

Trips in all three of our locations are available, so we suggest having a good think about the kind of setting you’d like to explore. Different experiences will be possible in different locations, but this is something we can advise you on. Provided you’re clear as to the kind of challenges you’re looking for, or the kind of environments you’re keen to visit, we’re extremely confident that we’ll be able to offer you the perfect trip. Want to camp on the side of a giant Tepui in a portaledge, rappel a 750 foot waterfall, longline from a tight spot by helicopter, skydive into the desert, jungle or onto an island, climb a 9000 foot vertical Tepui prow, paddle white water, rappel from a helicopter into a tight jungle river. Whatever adventure you can think of in these environments we can help, maybe even come up with something you have not thought of.