Lucy Shepherd's Survival Story

Lucy Shepherd is an experienced ‘adventurer in training’ who keeps a blog which comprehensively covers the expeditions she has undertaken over the past few years. In 2014, Lucy took part in a Bushmasters’ Jungle Survival course in the Guyana jungle. She details what she calls ‘the scariest moment of my life to this date’ in a blog post titled ‘Jaguar Jungle Jeopardy.’


No way, no…way is there a jaguar a few meters from me on my very first night in the jungle. Not. A. Chance.” Again. This time, at a different angle. Was it… Circling me? I felt sweat on my face as I tried as best as I could to logically think through what was happening. The sound was not a frog, monkey nor a bird. This was a cat. A big scary saber tooth cat. My bow and arrow and machete were outside of my hammock. The only weapon I had to defend myself was a small Swiss army penknife in my trouser pocket…


Lucy’s blog goes on to detail her scary encounter with a jaguar, and how her training kicked in at the moment of highest tension. Upon arriving at the Guyana jungle, you will be expertly trained by Amerindian guides to deal with hair-raising situations that could arise during your time in the jungle. When you are comfortable in a number of important survival areas such as finding water and sourcing food, you will be left in isolation in the jungle for 2 weeks as the ultimate test of mental stamina.

Since the trip, Lucy had this to say about her experience with Bushmasters:

“My time with Bushmasters couldn’t have been more valuable. I spent two weeks learning the required jungle skills I needed to survive on my own in the bush. After waving goodbye to the others who took the survival course, I headed deeper into the interior with tribesmen Harold and Lionel for another two weeks. The experience is something I will never forget.”

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