an image of four kayaks on a jungle expedition venture

How to Travel Light for Your Jungle Expedition

Bushmasters’ Jungle Expedition courses are truly like no other jungle survival experience. The team utilise a myriad of methods to explore the deepest, untouched areas of the Guyanan jungle, ranging from inflatable kayaks to soaring helicopters. Because this once-in-a-lifetime trip is largely unplanned and will send you into unknown terrain, you will have to pack […]

an image of men using camera equipment whilst filming in the Guyanan jungle

5 Things You Need to Know About Filming in the Jungle

The jungle is a gorgeous filming location, with untouched, luscious scenes sprawling for miles that will transport any viewer from their couch in an instant. However, the jungle can be an unforgiving place – harsh weather conditions, diseases, and unpredictable terrain can make for a tricky shoot, particularly if it’s your first time filming in […]

An image of a jaguar in the jungle, walking through the long grass

4 Animals of Guyana You Could Encounter on a Jungle Survival Trip

Guyana is the perfect location for our jungle survival ventures; the dense, thick jungles and untouched stretches of horizon offering the ideal terrain for adventurers wishing to push themselves to their mental and physical limits. The Guyanan rainforests house an abundance of exotic wildlife, most notably reptiles and freshwater fish that thrive within the temperate […]