Image of a sea turtle in Belize

A Closer Look at Belize

Belize is one of the destinations of our desert island survival trips. It’s a stunning place, and a paradise for many of nature’s most beautiful and intriguing specimens. You’ll have seen similar settings in a whole host of films; any setting with white sands, bright blue seas, and picturesque palm trees is similar to Belize. […]

An image of three boats on a river bank

Why Survival Holidays Should be on Everyone’s Bucket List

It takes a certain type of person to want to join us out here in Guyana. Sometimes, the people who come are seasoned survivalists, while we’re also more than accustomed to welcoming inexperienced travelers. “Survival holidays” might seem like an odd phrase. We really should emphasise that Bushmasters don’t deal in holidays. Our survival trips […]

An image of Antarctica, location of the world's largest desert

Five Intriguing Facts About the Desert

While we are probably best known for the work we do in Guyana’s jungles here at Bushmasters, we also frequently visit the deserts of Jordan. Our desert venture and survival trips are extremely popular, and they offer something completely different to our rainforest trips. A relatively unknown biome to many, the desert holds many secrets […]