Jungle Combat

This two week jungle combat course is based on UK Special Forces (UKSF) patrolling and fighting skills in a jungle environment.

Throughout the jungle combat course, you will be living in the forest and using military simulator (milsim) paintball guns and other weapons. These are used by many armies for realistic simulation, as they look, feel and work like the real thing. You have to get proficient with them, mag changes, use of the optics/lasers and the specialist weapons including sharpshooter rifles and squad automatic weapons.

After meeting up with the rest of the group in the capital city of Georgetown we fly deep into the jungle to the Amerindian community of Surama. Here we issue the gear you’ll need for the coming trip (jungle combats, webbing, weapons, hammocks etc) as well as introduce you to the local Amerindian hunters who will be your guides, and your enemy on the upcoming adventure. As well as being excellent jungle hunters, all these guys are also ex Guyana militia trained. In recent years, they have been training the real UKSF, USSOF, CANSOF and others how to operate and fight in the jungle, so they’ll be no pushover.

The course starts with you living in the jungle for the first week as a team. Here you’ll learn all the skills needed to live in this environment as well as some of the hazards. You’ll also go through a mini SF training school where everything including stand to, weapons drills, anti ambush skills, contact drills, man down drills, obstacle crossing, patrol skills, orders and rehearsals; pretty much everything you’ll need to work as an SF soldier in the jungle will be taught. It’s a lot and the mental and physical curve is steep! But don’t worry; every night we get to rerun the days fun on the laptops and have quite a few rums!

Your Jungle Combat Mission

Once we’re satisfied you’re ready you’ll be given a jungle combat mission. After extensive orders and rehearsals you’ll embark on a raid against the bad guys! You’ll have to observe the target to gather information using advanced optics and listening devices, maybe even mini UAV’s. You need to come up with an attack plan and contingency plans for all “the what if’s” and then eventually you’ll have to conduct the operation.

It will be mentally exhausting, physically tough, you’ll have to be patient in the extreme, stealth and when the moment comes decisive. And don’t forget there is a real enemy who are the masters in the jungle, so if you are going to get one over on them, you have to be excellent.

You’ve seen the movie, read the book, maybe even played the computer game, now come see if you can do it for real, for two weeks and in the middle of the Amazon: and there is no T-shirt after this!

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