Island Survival

Imagine you’re shipwrecked on an island, Robinson Crusoe style, in the middle of the ocean. You’ve got nothing but a bit of wreckage, some palms, and your own ingenuity to survive on – can you do it? Through the Bushmasters Island Survival course, you can find out!

This 10 day island survival course will take you to Panama – hundreds of deserted islands clad in nothing but mangrove and palm trees, surrounded by the clearest blue water you can imagine.

We’ll give you all the training you need to get the basics to survive, then for two days you and your team have to put it all into practice on your own, on an deserted island.

The Training Phase

With a Bushmasters instructor and local guides, you’ll be taught how to survive in this idyllic, but harsh environment. We’ll live in tents on the beach, learning the skills needed to survive, and snorkel on the reef based from our own local fishing boat.

We’ll teach you how to:

  • Turn sea water into fresh
  • Catch, gut and cook fish
  • Get a fire with no match or lighter
  • Improvise shelter
  • Learn how to make best use of what very little you have like the wreckage from your aircraft crash

And then we put it all into practice!

The Isolation Phase

With the training finished you’ll be lifted from an island by helicopter to head home, but…

The chopper develops a mid-air emergency and has to ditch. The pilot orders you to jump into the sea and swim for a close by island, before he crashes. As a group and with nothing but the scarce resources of a small island, the chopper survival kit, and your own training and ingenuity, you have to survive until rescue comes … think you could cope?

When rescue comes you’ll be whisked away for a night of tall stories and more rum than even Captain Jack Sparrow can handle!

If you’re interested in our island survival course and are keen to get involved, contact Bushmasters through our online form, or take a look at our dates and costs page.


an image of people on a boat in the middle of the oceanan image of a woman swimming off the Belize shore during a Bushmasters island survival adventure
an image of men jumping from a helicopter to arrive at an island survival tripan image of men on a boat on the Bushmasters' island survival trip