Before You Come

Before you head off on your Bushmasters trip, it is a good idea to check you have got everything. Some ideas are below:

The Check List:


Check Government advice on the area that you are heading to.

Most Governments give travel advice on areas around the world, via their websites. A number of travel organizations and news organizations also give you an interesting insight into the country. Check out some of our links for more information on Guyana.

Ensure you have the required insurance for your trip.

You must take out insurance for your trip with Bushmasters, just as you would with any holiday. There are plenty of companies and you can often find this insurance available to by online with just a few clicks.

Make sure you have all the kit you need and that it works.

Please double and triple check the kit list to make sure you have what you need. The kit list for your specific trip will be emailed to you with the trip joining instructions. You should not end up spending much money, so if you are, check again, something is going wrong, or you just like shopping! Any queries please let us know in advance, we will make every effort to sort it out for you.

Are you fit? If not, get out and train!

Bushmasters trips are rugged and you need to be prepared for them. From the Temperate environment, the tropics and desert are very different and this takes its toll on your body. The fitter you are the better you will cope. You will also be walking over rugged terrain in a hot and possibly humid environment carrying your kit. You do not have to be superman or run six minute miles, but it would be a good idea to get some stamina training in a few months before setting off.

For more on this aspect of your preparation, check out our fitness blog.

Carry photocopies of all important information.

We will secure all valuables for you, but Murphy’s Law dictates it is best to have copies of everything just in case. Passport, driving licence, vaccination card, flight tickets – make copies of them all.

Ensure you have the necessary medical checks, vaccinations and anti-malarial pills.

It is a good idea to have a good check-up from your doctor before coming out. They can advise on vaccinations and anti-malarial drugs, as well as check you out before starting a fitness regimen.

Check you have all you need. There are no shops in the jungle, desert or on an island to buy forgotten items.

You will not see anything like a shop until near the end of your trip. Everything you need you must bring with you, from batteries, to string, to US$ cash. If you forget anything, we will try and help out, but please make it the exception as it is a long drive to the nearest shop when we are in the middle of nowhere!