Picture of a jungle clearing with fish cooking on an open fire

From Fiction to Fidelity: Jungle Survival

If you’re anything like us, you grew up watching survival movies.  With films like Cast Away and Rambo, your watching has encompassed classics like Jeremiah Johnson and The Mosquito Coast, to more recent blockbusters like Jungle and Arctic.  The trials and tribulations may take place in a jungle, a desert, or a vast ocean, but all of them highlight the grit and resilience of humanity.  

Some feature apocalypses, or are set in a post-apocalyptic world, some are the product of a series of events resulting in the protagonist battling nature to survive. Often nature is portrayed as vicious and dangerous, with cruel seas churning under the heartless sun.  Sometimes the vastness of the wild is captured, in broad strokes of a camera or a lens-flare lighting up the sky.

And while these films are extraordinary, they don’t capture the reality.  

How can you replicate the breathless wonder when you realise you’re on your own in one of the last untouched jungles on Earth.  Or the feeling of elation when you catch your first piranha. Fending for yourself in an environment that continues to live around you is an experience unlike any other.

In our Jungle Survival trip, the first week will be dedicated to teaching you skills like lighting a fire, crafting a shelter, and hunting for food.  How well you achieve this will determine your comfort levels in the following nights, where you will be isolated, taken to a lonesome patch of jungle and entrusted with your own life.  There is no wi-fi, so be prepared to think on your feet, eat trail food and use your wits.

If you are looking to test yourself, or see if you’d do any better than the action movie greats, we also have a Jungle Combat trip, where you will be trained and given a mission to carry out in the gorgeous expanse of Guyana.

What do I need?

Being able to navigate, having good fitness levels, and knowing how to be on your own are necessary skills you need to embark on these courses.  But you will be rewarded with memories that will walk with you the rest of your life. Whether you are an insurance broker from New York, or a Zoologist from Devon, traveling on our Jungle Survival trips will be sure to make you feel like the next Rambo, only with less chaos and gore.  

Making sure your insurance is up-to-date and your resolve is firm is also imperative, as 30% of people pull out of the Jungle Survival course.  

Picture of a spider on a leaf

The wild

It may be that you come face to face with some potentially dangerous animals.  However, if you undertake the right steps you shouldn’t come to any harm.  Avoiding jaguars, caiman, and other dangerous animals comes with the territory.  Just remember to respect them and give them space, after all: this is their domain.  If you want to read more about the animals of Guyana, take a look at our post on the subject.

Be the protagonist

The movies that we saw growing up have shaped us.  While these courses don’t require you to take a tooth out with an ice skate (thanks Chuck), you will have the opportunity to learn skills that could further shape your life.  There’s a reason there are so many survival stories.  People watching them always ask themselves whether they could survive in wild environments like the jungle. This adventure offers you the chance to find that out.

The last step

Taking the plunge to sign up to a Jungle Survival course is not an easy one.  It will be tough.  You will be tested in ways you did not expect.  But people have come out of the course enlightened by the amazon forest, awed by the sights of animals such as the Harpy Eagle, and most of all, wanting more.  


Indeed, such was the demand, we have a course for those who wanted more, Extreme Jungle Survival, which aims to make it as close to the real thing as possible.  You won’t be given an itinerary, or a guidebook, and you will have to rescue yourself.


If you’re interested in a challenge, take a look at our dates for the next trips and get yourself booked on.