Extreme Survival

Think you can handle the next step up in jungle survival? Was our standard jungle survival course just not testing you enough? Well, prove it. This is your chance.

Our extreme jungle survival course is only open to those who have completed the standard Bushmasters jungle survival course, or can prove a great deal of previous training and knowledge in jungle survival. Don’t even try to book on if you’re inexperienced in jungle survival; the answer is going to be no.

Survival is called “survival” for a reason; if you’re after an easy ride then get in touch with a holiday agent and mention the words “happy camping”. If you were to look in the dictionary for a definition of the word, you’d probably find something along the lines of “the act of continuing to exist, often despite adverse or testing circumstances”. That’s worth bearing in mind.

What’s changed?

Image of the jungle treetops of Guyana

Our extreme jungle survival course is completely different from our standard course, and is likely very different to anything you’ve ever experienced before. Firstly, you will be told very little about the extreme survival itinerary; it is, after all, survival, and you wouldn’t exactly have a handy guide book to help you through a real life situation. Our aim is to make this course as close to the real thing as possible. Save for an arrival and departure date, and a very generic outline, you’ll be left to fend completely for yourself.

Secondly, you will receive an issuing kit, a few days of refresher and additional skills training, and little else. Your short refresher course will be followed by an extended isolation phase to be conducted solo or in pairs only. If you’re able to get through that, then the course ends with a self-rescue phase. During this final phase, you will be required to travel through primal, untouched jungle to get yourself back to civilisation.

Stil here?

An image of three mean bobbing in a Guyanan river

So you’re not scared off yet? Well done … but there’s a long way to go. Book yourself a place on our course and test yourself to the limit. It’s one thing telling people you think you could do it, but actually doing it is something else altogether. This is a serious course, only open to the most committed. It is very demanding mentally and physically.

Still think you can cope? Get in touch with us about our most extreme jungle survival course, and we’ll soon find out.