Burro Burro Venture

The Burro Burro Expedition will take you to the jungles and mountains of Guyana, South America, to enter a world of pristine tropical rainforest, huge waterfalls and the home to the Makushi tribe.

This is an extreme venture. Trekking through jungle on a daily basis carrying all your gear whilst hunting and fishing from the forest to supplement our rations. It is hard work, this is not for the faint of heart.


The Burro Burro is an amazing river which Bushmasters has spent the last 15 years paddling, trekking and running over 100 jungle survival courses along its banks. But we have never been to the source of it, not even close as it is believed to be far away in the foothills of the Pakaramai Mountains.

This expedition is all about finally finding the source and completing a full circle of 15 years of life on one amazing jungle river.

This expedition finishes on Good Friday 2019. The Easter weekend is also the annual Rupununi Rodeo and those who wish to can opt to extend their trip and stay for Rodeo. It is an amazing weekend, full of old school cowboys where you can ride a bull, drink cold beers and eat meat on a stick. Please email us if you’re interested in this.

For those who wish a trip to Kaieteur Falls is possible. Local airlines run regular day trips from Georgetown. Please email us if interested and we will pass on the information you need.