Kayak Expedition

October 7th -20th 2018 and October 6th -19th 2019

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Burro Burro Jungle Venture

April 7th - 19th 2019

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Every year we plan a once in a lifetime expedition in Guyana. The country is huge and the vast majority of it unexplored. Using planes, helicopters, inflatable kayaks and our own two feet, Bushmasters aim to go and explore some of these places. These expeditions are tough, certainly not for the feint of heart and probably our hardest physical challenges. You have to carry all the gear you need and there is little information on where were going, that is the reason we are going there after all. And we never repeat the same expedition. This will be your expedition, a truly unique trip.

Our expeditions for 2019 are the Burro Burro Venture  in April (a trekking exploratory expedition) and the Kayak Venture in October 2019 . All upcoming expeditions are listed on our Dates & Costs page, so don’t hesitate to check out the next dates if you’re interested in this one in a lifetime experience.

Going forward we have in mind:

An expedition by ATV and kayak to the most remote tribe in Guyana, the Wai Wai,
An expedition to abseil a huge waterfall, hundreds of feet high, deep in the jungle.
An expedition to The Lost World of massive Tepui mountains and huge waterfalls.
An expedition to kayak through the Lost World of giant Tepui Mountains.