Divya Maitreyi Chari's Survival Story

In July of this year, Bushmasters executed a specialist Jungle Survival course, taking place in the luscious jungle of Guyana, South America. The trip is a two week immersive experience which has been created to truly test your physical and mental stamina.

Below, Professor Divya Chari details her own personal experience of the jungle survival course.


I wanted to say what a fantastic time I had on the survival course- it was a real laugh despite being hot, humid, squelchy and mosquito ridden, and having to eat a yellow semi-solid called Cheese Whizz and those appalling MREs! The organisation was meticulous and the teaching was really excellent. It is testimony to this that I was actually fairly relaxed in isolation, as I knew pretty much exactly what to do, including catching those yummy piranhas! The group were a lot of fun too, so all in all an excellent experience. Thank you for all your help!


As Divya has noted above, on the Jungle Survival course you are given extensive training before you are left to fend for yourself. Once you have learnt to set up your own hammock and basha site, the experienced Amerindian guides will help to coach you through a number of aspects integral to your survival, such as sourcing water and building a shelter. There is no need to panic – as Divya has said, the teaching is so comprehensive that you should feel relaxed and excited for the challenge ahead.

Divya Maitreyi Chari is Professor of Neural Tissue Engineering at Keele University. She has compiled her experience into an article, which can be read here! The team here at Bushmasters urge you to give it a read – the article goes into great detail in regards to what a Jungle Survival trip with Bushmasters is really like!

When the training is complete, you are left with nothing other than a machete, a bow and arrow and the clothes on your back. Do you you think you could take on an adventure such as the one that Divya experienced? Why not find out?