Charles Montier's Story

Charles Montier first learnt how to live and thrive in the jungle with Bushmasters, and from there came back to do his own expeditions with back-up support from Bushmasters. Take a look below at what Charles has to say about his tough time out in the jungle with Bushmasters.


Bushmasters were fundamental in helping me realise my dream of making a first descent of a remote Amazonian river with two local Amerindians.


As a teenager I was obsessed with the Amazon and its wild state. But the idea of making an expedition there, and doing something that no previous expedition had ever accomplished, seemed like an impossible dream.


It was Bushmasters who introduced me to this unique and inspiring environment. Under their highly experienced tuition, I was taught to survive and journey through the forest. They showed me the skills needed to operate safely and efficiently, and their use of local Amerindian guides further enhanced the incredible learning curve and authenticity of the training.

My Bushmasters survival course led me to return to Guyana another three times to undertake expeditions with the locals, including a first descent of Guyana’s Potaro River with two Amerindian team mates. These expeditions would have been impossible without the help of the Bushmasters team who offered my invaluable support throughout the planning processes and even fielded a call from my anxious mother when she suspected I’d been locked up in Brazil for illegally entering the country after a descent of the Mapuera River in 2015 with three Wai Wai guides. Sorry guys!


I owe Bushmasters an enormous amount and recommend them as the best in the business for jungle training and logistics. Dedicated and passionate, they will make your plans happen!’


Over the years, Charles has documented his time with us both here and here Charles has also produced a comprehensive video which the team here at Bushmasters wholly encourage you to watch, if only for a small insight into Charles’ epic adventure exploring Guyana!