This ‘Rawhide’ Vaquero trip will take you to the remote southern savannahs of Guyana, to enter the real World of cowboys, dusty roundups, steer roping, branding and the high energy action of the corral.

Across the expanse of the savannah plains in Guyana there are a number of cattle ranches, dating back hundreds of years. Dadanawa Ranch was one of the largest cattle ranches in the world at 11,000 square miles. The stories and legends of ranch life go back generations, including tales of when Frank James (Jesse James’ brother) rode in the savannahs of Guyana. Today these ranches work in very much the same manner as they did hundreds of years ago. The cowboys, or vaqueros as they are known locally, all come from the local indigenous people, primarily the Wapisiana tribe of Amerindians. Here all the cowboys are Indians!

Saddle Mountain Ranch is 50 square miles of the most stunningly beautiful open savannah set amidst the surrounding mountains which form its borders on all sides. This is our base for the trip.  The savannah is criss-crossed with crystal clear rivers fringed with Ite palms, the leaves of which are used for thatching the local houses. It is a truly amazing setting and in many ways like a trip back in time to a forgotten place where little has changed from generations past.

At Saddle Mountain you will work with the team of vaqueros to help in the daily running of the ranch. Everything from milking the cows to rounding up the cattle on horseback, to lassoing the calves in the corral and then branding the new born calves, you’ll be involved in every aspect of life as a vaquero and will have your own trusty steed throughout. We will teach you everything you need to know, including how to ride bare foot (local style) if you fancy it, so no previous riding experience is needed, though if you’ve spent a few hours in the saddle before you’ll certainly appreciate it, or your ‘rawhide’ will at any rate.

You’ll live throughout at the ranch or camped out in the savannah whilst out on the trail. The ranch has basic, but comfortable facilities. You’ll have a bed and shower etc and the food is awesome. The best bit may be the crystal clear creek just a few hundred yards away.

This is old school living and a genuine vaquero adventure, a truly awesome experience, not to be missed.

This is a bespoke trip run only in the dry season and  based on a minimum of three persons. If you are solo traveller keen to do this, please contact us. we will be able to give you some suggestions or put you in touch with others who want to be a Vaquero!