an image of men using camera equipment whilst filming in the Guyanan jungle

5 Things You Need to Know About Filming in the Jungle

The jungle is a gorgeous filming location, with untouched, luscious scenes sprawling for miles that will transport any viewer from their couch in an instant. However, the jungle can be an unforgiving place – harsh weather conditions, diseases, and unpredictable terrain can make for a tricky shoot, particularly if it’s your first time filming in the jungle outside of the country. Bushmasters have therefore offered 5 things which all budding film & TV crews should consider before packing up their kit for the filming adventure of their lives.

Research the local area

Before stepping foot on the plane, carrying out some research to discover more about the area you intend to film in is always a good way to ensure that you’re prepared for the upcoming filming schedule. Learning more about the climate and culture surrounding your proposed filming area will help you to acclimatise yourself and take away any external stress, leaving you to pull all your focus onto the film shoot at hand. Contacting local jungle experts will help your crew immensely – depending on their expertise, they will be able to offer guidance on a number of issues, aiding with aspects such as risk assessments and filming permits.


Loose fitting, breathable clothing is best whilst shooting on location in the jungle, particularly in the Amazon rainforest. Cover as much skin as possible to ward off mosquito bites, and pack some warmer clothes for the evening – the temperature will drop by around 15 degrees by nighttime. Rubber walking boots or trainers are good footwear choices due to their quick drying properties and offered comfort levels.

Rain gear

It is most likely that your expensive filming equipment is not waterproof, and no matter what the weather report prior to leaving for the jungle promises, packing rain gear and plastic garbage bags is a surefire way to guarantee that your equipment is safe and protected during bouts of bad weather.

Get your jabs

Like many places around the world, the jungle is rife with diseases your crew certainly don’t want to catch. Be smart and arrange an appointment with your local doctor’s office to discuss whether you’ll be needing vaccinations before you travel. No matter the cost, it is worth protecting yourself – the last thing you’ll want to do is find yourself sick in the middle of the jungle!

Get in touch with the locals

You will have hopefully contacted the local experts prior to packing up and travelling to the jungle location. Once you’ve arrived at the shoot, visit your chosen experts to explain to them what help you will be requiring during your time in the jungle. Here at Bushmasters, we have amassed a wealth of tv & film experience, helping crews on a range of productions filmed within the Guyanan jungle. Our team retain the knowledge and know-how to help with a myriad of filming elements, working to train you to deal with rough, unforgiving environments and helping you to capture the most beautiful shots.

Filming in the jungle is a highly rewarding experience. As long as you are respectful to the nature and the locals that have welcomed your crew’s presence, your time in the jungle will be truly unforgettable, and it won’t be long until you are raring for another round with your camera on location.

If you’re keen to begin filming in the jungle for an upcoming project, but aren’t sure who to speak to regarding your options, do not hesitate to contact Bushmasters by completing our online contact form. Our friendly team will be more than happy to provide our expert guidance and advice to ensure that you are fully informed of the local area and the problems your crew could encounter.