4x4 Venture, Ranch & Rodeo

The 4×4 Venture is one of our best trips – one that we enjoy more than most. It’s a combination of 4×4 driving, ATVs,  and a South American ranch trip with a traditional rodeo thrown in to boot!

This is a two-week driving holiday where you learn real off-road skills, before using that new knowledge to drive your vehicle through extreme terrain. Bushmasters’ 4×4 Venture trips are all about you exploring and having fun in the remote jungle and savannahs of Guyana with specially kitted out 4×4 vehicles and ATVs, which you’ll have to learn to drive, maintain, and fix. On this two-week adventure you’ll be travelling with a Bushmasters instructor and local bush drivers, mechanics, cowboys (or vaqueros as they are known here), and local Amerindian jungle hunters.

  • 2-week 4×4 and ATV off-road driving holiday
  • Learn all aspects of extreme 4×4/ ATV driving
  • Drive through remote jungle and savannah
  • Drive to remote Amerindian cattle ranches
  • Try your hand at the original 4×4 vehicle – the horse!
  • If the vehicle doesn’t get stuck itself, we’ll make sure it does and you’ll have to get it out!
  • Bounce through jungle, cross rivers, cruise savannahs, spot wildlife from the roof, work as a cowboy on a ranch, then head out into the jungle to catch piranha for dinner!

Join the Bushmasters 4×4 Venture!

You drive to the remote places, you get bogged in and you get out, you break the vehicle and you repair it and more importantly, you live through the night – wherever you happen to stop.

We’ll spend a few days training on the vehicles where you’ll learn everything about them:

  • Discover how to drive off road
  • Learn about the kit and equipment in the vehicles
  • Find out how to ride ATVs and how to use 4 wheel drive
  • Learn how to use winches and hi-lift jacks to fix your vehicle
  • Learn practical off-roading skills, like how to clear obstacles, fit mud chains, cross water, and fix flat tyres

Of course, we’ll also explain how we’ll be living in the jungles and savannahs we’ll be crossing.

Off-Road Driving

With the training behind us and everyone confident in their new found skills, we’ll then move to a new extreme with you driving us on some very tough trails.

We will drive and explore several hundreds of kilometres of the south savannahs. The ATVs will lead the way, searching out new routes that the 4×4 can follow. Eventually we will come to a local cattle ranch, left behind by time. Here you’ll live as a vaquero, tending to the duties on a ranch – milking the cows, lassoing the young ones to separate them from mother when she goes out to graze, rounding up the herd on horseback, branding the new-borns, castrating the year olds – everything on a ranch with little electricity and basic running water. The catch? This is one of the most beautiful creeks in the world with savannah and jungle animals ranging from the giant anteater to howler monkeys in the nearby forest, calling out like lions each day.

Image of a creek on a Bushmasters 4x4 ranch trip

Our off road trips are always planned to finish over the Easter weekend, which is when the Rupununi holds its annual Rodeo. This is a must-see event where are all the Cowboys are Indians and – if you’re up for it – you can give bull riding a go!

To find out when Bushmasters are next heading off road, take a look at our dates and costs page.