an image of a men on a boat, travelling around different desert islands

4 Uninhabited Desert Islands from Around the World

As a race, humans tend to chase around and claim all land they touch as their own. However, around the world today, there are still many desert islands which are unoccupied and untouched by human life, boasting the earthly beauty of Mother Nature.

Below, Bushmasters have collated 4 secluded desert islands from across the globe which are famous for remaining desolate.

Iles du Salut, French Guiana

The Iles du Salut (Isles of Salvation), situated in French Guiana, were the location of a controversial penal colony which existed between the 19th and 20th Century. The French used the uninhabited islands to secure criminals, imprisoning traitors in one of the most brutal and hellish prisons to ever have been in operation. The island is surrounded by shark-infested waters and offers a rough and rocky terrain, making it an almost impossible place from which to escape and truly earning the nickname ‘Devil’s Island.’ Nowadays, the islands can be visited by tourists interested to know more about their rich, dark history, and act as nature reserves for a whole host of animals.

Aldabra Atoll

Home to the largest tortoise population in the world, the Aldabra Atoll is one of the Outer Islands located in the Seychelles, around 700 miles away from the coast of Mahe. The island remains largely undiscovered by humans, due to its remoteness and scorching, ‘sun-baked’ climate. The island is huge, its total land area at approximately 155.4 square kilometres long.

Phoenix Islands

The Phoenix Islands are a group of eight desert islands which lie in the centre of the Pacific Ocean. The islands are as follows; Kanton Island, Enderbury Island, Birnie Island, Mckean Island, Rawaki Island, Manra Island, Orona Island, and Nikumaroro. In 2008, the government of Kiribati officially recognised and declared the group of islands to be a protected area, extending protection to the surrounding waters to create the largest marine protected area in the world. The islands are home to a diverse array of wildlife, most of which reside within the expansive coral reefs which border the islands.

Belize Barrier Reef Atolls

The Belize Barrier Reef is home to one of the largest coral reef systems in the world, providing unparalleled views and an untouched paradise in the middle of the Caribbean sea. Here at Bushmasters, the Belize atolls are the location for our popular Desert Island venture, offering a true representation of what it would be like to be stranded on an undisturbed island. Each atoll display different and unique attributes; the Lighthouse Reef is a popular dive site; the Turneffe Island offers world-class fishing options; the South Water Caye provides an amazing coral reef experience; and the Tobacco Caye is surrounded by dazzling, idyllic turquoise waters.

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