An image of the stunning scenery of the Guyanan jungle, one of the many reasons to visit Guyana

4 Reasons to Visit Guyana

Guyana is a truly wonderful place. It’s an untouched haven for both exotic wildlife and daring adventurers, but can also provide the perfect destination for a relaxing break. Stunning natural landscapes and Georgetown alone offer enough reason to visit Guyana, but there’s plenty more to this English-speaking, Caribbean-esque country than that.
Whether you’re seeking more ways of getting excited about your upcoming Bushmasters trip, or you’re looking for somewhere a little different for your holiday this year, we hope you’ll take something away from our insight into this South American jewel.

Relaxing Lifestyle

Many people often say that Guyana is more like a Caribbean island than a South American country, and with good reason. While it shares borders with both Venezuela and Brazil, its cultural and historical links with other Caribbean countries make it very much a part of that community. Georgetown, the charming capital, is littered with palm tree-lined streets and colourful markets, and also happens to be home to some of the world’s most friendly and welcoming people. Those people also happen to speak English, so if you’ve understood any of this post, you’ll get by just fine. If you’re looking for a chilled-out, easy-going holiday in a hot country, then visit Guyana.
A panoramic view of Georgetown, Guyana

Incredible Wildlife

If you’re a lover of wildlife, a visit to Guyana ought to be sat, proudly, at the top of your bucket list. The dense rainforests are home to around 800 species of birds, as well as wild jaguars, giant river otters, caiman, and tapirs. There’s surely reason enough to visit Guyana in that sentence alone. The list doesn’t end there, though; turn your attention below the surface of the water and you’ll find an abundance of fascinating fish, reptiles, and amphibians. For more on the water-dwellers of Guyana, check out one of our previous blog posts. If you are going to head to Guyana with the intention of finding some of its more exotic inhabitants, however, you need to proceed with caution. A lot of the rainforest’s tenants have rather sharp teeth, and aren’t afraid to use them!
Image of a jaguar, one of the many exotic species found in the rainforests of Guyana

Stunning natural landscapes

Guyana’s most spectacular features are almost certainly its landscapes. Guyana literally means ‘ land of many waters’ and there are vast rivers winding their way through the jungle and savannah; massive, thundering waterfalls and small creeks and lakes. Some of these rivers and creeks, which flow through dense and pristine forest are where Bushmasters often runs kayak ventures. Take a guided kayak tour down the winding, watery path and you’ll experience some of the most spectacular sights the entire continent has to offer. If you love nature, and enjoy a good photo opportunity, then you’ve got another reason to visit Guyana.
An image of the stunning scenery of the Guyanan jungle, one of the many reasons to visit Guyana

Sense of Adventure

As we’ve mentioned, one of Guyana’s biggest advantages is that it’s relatively untouched. When compared with other, similar destinations, Guyana stands out as a destination that’s been left alone by humans. Huge sections of the jungle are unexplored and, as we’ve mentioned, the wildlife has been allowed to thrive. Even if you’re not joining Bushmasters on one of our jungle survival courses, you’ll get a genuine sense of adventure from pretty much anywhere you go.


Bushmasters trips

Here at Bushmasters, our jungle survival trips and expeditions take people into the heart of wild Guyana.  We can train you how to stay safe in the wild heart of the jungle, and that includes avoiding any “complicated” encounters with its many creatures.
Whether you fancy testing yourself, and think you could cut it on a genuine survival experience, or you’re looking for the thrill of abseiling down a jungle waterfall, get in touch. You can fill out our online contact form, or send us an email to That is, if you think you’re up to it …