An image of a jaguar in the jungle, walking through the long grass

4 Animals of Guyana You Could Encounter on a Jungle Survival Trip

Guyana is the perfect location for our jungle survival ventures; the dense, thick jungles and untouched stretches of horizon offering the ideal terrain for adventurers wishing to push themselves to their mental and physical limits. The Guyanan rainforests house an abundance of exotic wildlife, most notably reptiles and freshwater fish that thrive within the temperate South America atmosphere.

Bushmasters often encounter unusual wildlife whilst trekking through the amazon – and below we’ve listed just four animals of Guyana that you could be lucky enough to come across when taking part on a jungle survival trip.


an image of a toucan, an animal of guyana
Toucans are known for their distinct and colourful bill, which was originally theorised by Charles Darwin to exist as a way for toucans to attract potential mates. However, recent studies have since found that the bill actually helps to keep the toucan cool during the heat of the day, allowing the bird to either release or conserve heat through the bill and thus better adjust to the atmosphere around them. Toucans can be fairly noisy fowl, and are wholly integral to the ecology of the Guyanan rainforest – their large bills disperse the seeds of berries they have devoured, encouraging pollination and growth of greenery throughout wherever they land. To this day, eight species of Toucan have been recorded in Guyana.

Golden Rocket Frog

an image of a golden frog
(Image credit: BBC)
The Anomaloglossus beebei, also known as the Golden Rocket Frog, is a species of frog native to the jungles of Guyana. Its common name is attributed to its unmistakable yellow hue and its tiny form allowing it to ‘rocket’ around and jump from plant to plant. The Golden Rocket Frog is classed as a vulnerable species, as its habitat is slowly becoming extinct due to deforestation.


an image of a jaguar in the jungle
The jaguar is one of the most coveted animals of Guyana – in fact, two actually feature on the official Guyana coat of arms; supporting the crest and holding a sugar cane, a pick axe, and a rice stalk. Jaguars are sadly declining in number all over the world, their habitats disappearing frequently and human influence damaging their chances of survival. These beautiful felines are considered the largest carnivorous mammals in South America, and their bite is most certainly more powerful than their purr. Jaguars aren’t an uncommon wildlife spot whilst on a jungle survival trip – past Bushmasters survivor Lucy Shepard detailed her scary encounter with the mighty beast in her blog post, ‘Jungle Jaguar Jeopardy’.

Giant Anteater

an image of a large anteater in Guyana
Due to their lack of teeth, Giant anteaters have the largest tongue of any animals, measuring up to 2 feet! They can flick their tongue 160 times per minute, their large snouts allowing them to dig into anthills efficiently. Their sight is very poor, so instead their nose leads the way. Anteaters have been known to fight off jaguars and pumas, their large claws deadly when used against the felines. They tend to venture out by themselves, but once a year when they mate, their young will cling to their backs in the first two years of their life.

The above covers just four native animals of Guyana, but there are in around 230 species documented to be living within the Guyanan rainforests. It is likely that you will stumble upon a few whilst taking part in a Bushmasters Jungle Survival course, and precautions must be taken to ensure both your safety and the safety of the animal. Here at Bushmasters, we equip you with the skills and knowledge to handle an encounter with an animal and survive in the jungle, before leaving you alone to fend for yourself in the wild. Think you could do it? Head to our Jungle Survival page and our Dates & Costs page to discover our upcoming 2017/2018 ventures.