Extreme Adventures to the Amazon Jungle, Desert Islands, and Arabian Desert

Bushmasters is a British company that was formed to provide a more exciting, extreme, and remote experience.

Be warned, a Bushmasters experience is not intended for people who want to waltz into the jungle or desert with a host of porters carrying all their gear, lighting all their fires, and cooking all their food. Unlike most companies, we do not take you on trails that have been cut so wide that you could drive a car along them, nor do we take you to luxury lodges with high-speed internet connections and on-demand spa treatments. Where we go there is no wifi or mobile coverage. Our trips are completely different, and deliberately so. They are designed for people who want fun, adventure, and are willing to push themselves all the way.

We aim to uphold an ethos of true adventure, for those who are looking for a challenge.

  • Unique experiences and a story to dine out on for life.
  • Tough, remote and true adventures.
  • Return to age-old explorer spirit.
  • The client does the work, not some hired hand.
  • Conservation of the environment.

Sustainable Eco-Tourism

Bushmasters also supports conservation and community development. Mankind is destroying many of the world’s amazing places, yet only we can save them. Unfortunately in this day and age that means giving everything a financial value; rarely do people do the right thing just because it is the right thing, especially when those people are representatives of big companies. To them the jungle is a commodity; the lumber, medicinal products, animals, clearing the land for soya crops and so on, are all extremely valuable. For the rainforest alone something like $30 billion is made by the private sector. Conservation projects have only a few hundred million dollars to protect them each year; there is no way they are going to win in the long run with those odds.

Therefore, the jungle needs a value, which will keep the companies happy and deter them from chopping it all down. There are sustainable logging practices, animal extraction, fishing projects and so on around the world. They are not the norm as yet and their effectiveness is open to debate, however Bushmasters is interested in one aspect: the benefits from sound eco-tourism. Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the World. It represents 10% of the World’s GDP, some US$7.6 Trillion (WTTC 2015 report). Within that, Eco-Tourism is the biggest growing sector. Its growth goes hand in hand with conserving these amazing natural places. Without the jungle there will be no eco-tourism or tourism of any kind. Keeping it intact just makes sense for everyone.

Tourism like Bushmasters’ offers a way for local people to gain additional income from their lands without destroying them. We use local guides and the resources of the local communities, which they in turn can use for their own development whilst still maintaining their traditional ways.

Kaieteur Venture: April 2017

Last trip in one second everyday: Heli drop in to Potaro river followed by 100km paddle and portage to Kaieteur Falls.

Gepostet von Bushmasters am Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017


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