Survival 24/7

For those of you short on holiday or maybe wanting some intense jungle time followed by a week on a Caribbean beach, comes the week long Survival 24/7

Throughout we’ll take you through all the skills needed to survive in the jungle. The skills are the same as on our two week courses, but we have less time to practice them, so you have to work harder to master them. It is more intense.

You’ll be in virgin jungle throughout, no buildings or school house, just what you carry on your back and a Bushmasters staff member plus a couple of Amerindian hunters to teach you how to survive and maybe even thrive in this harshest of environments.

The jungle is completely neutral about humans. If you fight it, it will destroy you, but if you learn from it, work with it, then it will give you all you need to live…can you hack it!

These are bespoke trips, ran only when there is sufficient demand, but we can do it for one person or a group. The scheduled trip price is based on a minimum of 3 people. If you can’t make these dates or are a solo traveller then please email us.