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"Such an amazing experience, I was extremely sad to leave the jungle. Howler monkeys need to be heard to be believed! And Kaieteur Falls is something else - a definite reward for surviving isolation! All in all, a superb trip! Many thanks to Bushmasters and all the guides - I'd love to go back."
Clive Woosnam, Bushmasters Jungle Survival Course , August 2008.

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January 2009



We offer "Jungle Survival' / 'Desert Island Survival' & 'Desert Venture/Survival' courses. Click here to find out more about the desert island survival trip or read below to see what the jungle and desert courses could have in store for you.


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Learn how to survive in the Amazon jungle with nothing but a machete, then test your skills in isolation!

  • Two week jungle survival courses
  • Live deep in remote Amazonian rainforest
  • Sleep in jungle hammocks
  • Train with local Amerindian guides
  • Survive the isolation phase
  • Visit the worlds tallest single drop waterfall

Jungle survival is 90 per cent positive mindset and if you've got it, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It is a true test of your mental stamina.

Bushmasters offer two week and on demand 24/7 jungle survival courses - ask us for a detailed Survival Itinerary.

Full Survival

This 2 week trip takes you to the remote, pristine jungles of Guyana, in South America. With a Bushmasters instructor and the vast knowledge of two senior, local Amerindian guides you will learn just how comfortable you can make yourself in the jungle with almost nothing.

Before you even reach your remote jungle base camp deep in the rainforest, you will have travelled by light aircraft, 4x4 vehicle and boat. In between we take a stop a local Amerindian community where we kit you out with specialised jungle gear for the adventure ahead. All this in itself takes a couple of days!

The Training Phase

In the jungle you will set up your own basha and hammock site - this will be your home for the next week! Then your training begins. We will take you through all the skills you need to find water, make shelter, light a fire and procure food.

You will be eating some strange, but very tasty bugs, starting fires without matches or lighters, recognising water vines, fishing for piranha, stalking wild game with bow & arrow and a whole lot more...

The Isolation Phase

Finally, training time is up and you're put in a true-to-life survival situation. On your own (or in a buddy pair) you'll find yourself in a new piece of jungle where for the next few days you must do everything yourself. With no more than the clothes you're wearing, your trusty machete, bow & arrow and belt kit, you'll put all your new found skills to the test.

With not even a torch or a match to help you, let alone any other modern gadget, it's now down to your wits and will to survive. Can you cope!?

At the end of your adventure you're back at a community eco-lodge to unwind, swap stories and drink beers with your guides. From there it is back to Georgetown by light aircraft.

Viewing the endless jungle canopy from the plane above is a glorious time. For you know, should the unthinkable happen, and you become entrapped within the dense vines and vegetation below, amongst the bullet ants, tarantulas, piranha and jaguars - it's now nothing but a second home to you!

Check out Dates & Prices then Contact Us to reserve your place in the Amazonian jungle!

Survival 24/7

For those of you short on holiday or those wanting some intense jungle time followed by a week on a Caribbean beach comes the 1 week Survival 24/7.

For one long week we'll take you through all the skills needed to survive in the jungle. The skills are the same as on our two week courses, but we have less time to practice them and the isolation phase is just one day.

These are bespoke trips, ran only when there is sufficient demand, the vast majority of people opt for the two week course.

Desert Venture/Survival

This Venture/Survival course will take you to the Arabian Deserts made famous by the movie Lawrence of Arabia. Sat in the south of Jordan, North of the Red Sea and to the East of the Jordan valley this is where the sand dune deserts collide with their sandstone mountain cousins.

Initial training and acclimatisation will take place near the old city of Petra, where we'll ride Arab horses (no riding experience necessary at all) and see Old Petra from a way no tourist can these days. From Petra we move deep into the desert of Wadi Rum, start to learn how to drive 4x4 vehicles and trek, navigate, rappel and live in this beautiful, but harsh environment.

Eventually the training is behind you and for several days in a small group you will be placed in a simulated survival and escape situation, though Bushmasters staff will be monitoring you throughout, purely for safety reasons. With just basic survival kit and little water or food you will have to navigate your way out of the desert, by night, to safety. A distance the same as a Marathon. We call this Long Drag (after the final walk on SAS Selection test week), where there is not only the practical problems of daily existence to cope with, but also the psychological difficulties of not having those modern luxuries, of being in a strange environment, of little water, of lack of sleep, of an arduous environment and hard walk..... can you cope?

Contact Us to enquire.

Survival FAQ

More FAQs and their answers are available on the general FAQ page.

Who normally comes on survival trips? Would I fit in?

We have a wide range of people on our courses from young professionals, people taking a gap year or career break, to adventurous travellers. The majority of people are in their 20's and 30's although we often have fit older people coming along too.

How fit do I have to be?

There is no way of avoiding the fact that these trips are designed to be challenging. That does not mean, however, you need to be an Olympic level athlete! Physically you just need to be in good health and pretty active.

If you are normally inactive then ideally, a few months before coming out, you should go running, swimming and circuit training. This will not only help you walk over the rough terrain and carry weight, but more importantly, help you acclimatise to the environment.

Will I be safe?

Bushmasters trips by their very nature involve an element of risk. Which is why you're here, surely!

That said, we employ a detailed system of safety measures to ensure you are kept out of harm's way. See our Safety page for more information.