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"For possibly the least relaxing holiday in history, a survival course in the Amazon rainforest is pretty difficult to beat. Still, who needs to relax when you can learn to live on bugs and berries, sling up hammocks, wield machetes and light fires with virtually nothing!"
David Whitley, Bushmasters Jungle Survival Course , September 2007.

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Dates 2015

The dates below are only for currently scheduled trips, however if these are not convenient for you, then please contact us to arrange the exact dates for the trip of your choice, and we will happily advertise it, to obtain the minimum numbers for you.

TripDateSeasonPrice in GBP (£)Availability
Survival 24/717 - 24 Jan 2015Dry/Wet£1200Check
Desert Island Survival4 - 14 Feb 2015Dry£1500Check
Desert Island Survival18 - 28 Feb 2015Dry£1500Check
4x4 Venture5 - 18 Apr 2015Dry£1600Check
Jungle Combat10 - 23 May 2015Dry/Wet£1500Check
Jungle Survival7 - 20 Jun 2015Wet/Dry£1600Check
Jungle Survival12 - 25 Jul 2015Wet£1600Check
Arab Riding Venture26 Sep - 6 Oct 2015Dry£1500Check
Desert Venture/Survival11 - 23 Oct 2015Dry£1600Check
Jungle Survival8 - 21 Nov 2015Dry£1600Check